Custom Resume and Cover Letter Packages

You're unique, and you need a professional resume writer to help you tell your special story to your next employer. JMT Professional Resumes has worked with job seekers from entry level to C Level candidates. The clients we've served have captured more interviews that were appropriate to their career goals, even during the down economic years of 2013-2015. With today's booming job market, there are more jobs available, but there is also more competition. Give yourself an edge over the applicant with the DIY resume that makes them look and sound like everyone else applying for the job.  

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If you are thinking about a career change, feel "stuck" in your present job but don't know how to move forward, or have other career challenges, then you should consider career coaching. For more information on our coaching services, please visit our coaching page. PS - I also have a special program I've developed for interview preparation and overcoming interview anxiety! 

Basic Resume & Cover Letter


Ideal for the recent graduate or job seeker moving from entry level positions to a more professional position. The resume will be one to two pages, will highlight the applicant's skill set and will focus on examples from the applicant's educational background or job history that show that the applicant has relevant experience. A matching cover letter template will be included that motivates the HR manager to read the resume.

Mid-Level Resume & Cover Letter


For the seasoned job applicant who has several years of work history or for the applicant wishing to transition from one career to another. The resume will be 2 to 4 pages, will highlight career accomplishments, skill set, awards and recognition and any continuing education, and will create an in-depth profile of the applicant that is sure to capture the HR Manager's interest. Cover letter template will highlight relevant accomplishments that show the applicant able to master the new position.

C Level, Professional or Academic Resume and Cover Letter


Extensive resume or CV tailored to target the highest level managerial positions, professional positions in law, medicine, engineering or other research areas, or for the Ph D applicant seeking a position in academia. Resume / CV will be 4+ pages, will list career or academic accomplishments, published works, patents, and research projects on which the applicant worked. 

Linked In Profile


Put your best image forward on social media with our LinkedIn profile. Written with SEO in mind, the profile is tailored to attract job offers in the industries in which you are most interested. 

Here are some things our customers have to say about our service

OMG! I mean wow! They are great beyond my expectations. You did an awesome job. I really love the layout of the resume and the format you gave the cover letter along with all the details you added to it. I love it. Do not change anything else, please. Thank you so much.  
- Jessica S.

I am so pleased with the results on all the documents you've worked on for me. The overall experience has been great! I would be happy to refer friends and colleagues to your site in the future. Again, many thanks for all your help and hard work. Sincerely,
- Martin H.


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