JMT Publications

Additional Writing Services

We provide the following writing services to webmasters, newspapers, agencies and small- or medium-sized businesses to enhance and maintain their communications efforts. These fees are for custom work, but we also have a catalog of moderately priced articles  covering a range of lifestyle topics available for sale. The content is 100% original and is available for full-rights purchase.   Contact us for your current or future custom writing or editorial needs.

Type Starting Fee Up To
Business Correspondence (letters, e-mails, contracts) $15.00 each $50.00 each
SEO-rich web page rewrite $100.00 per page $400.00 per page

Newsletter Articles & Advertorials(500 word min.)

.07 per word .25 per word
Blog Posts (300 wd. min) .05 per word .15 per word
Catalog Category & Product Descriptions (50 - 100 words) keyword optimized 3.00 each 5.00 each
Catalog Category & Product Descriptions (101 - 200 words) keyword optimized 5.50 each 7.00 each

Standalone sales / promotional e-mail

$150.00 each $500.00 each

Editorial - magazine or newsletter articles

$35.00 per hour AP Style Guidelines

Editing - Book

$1.75 per page Chicago Manual of Style Guidelines

Page Layout and Formatting For Self-Publishers

$3.75 per page (first 100 pages) $3.50 per page (101 pages to 500 pages)

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