Powerful Tools For Success

I believe strongly in the power of books that enhance your personal and professional development. The following reading list are my personal favorites, based on the fact that they are easy to read and follow, and most importantly, they GET RESULTS. 

If you don't know what you want to be when you grow up.........


  What Color Is Your Parachute? is the world’s most popular job-hunting guide with more than ten million copies sold. Now, no matter what your circumstances, every job-hunter can find help with up-to-the-minute information on what has changed about the job-market, plus strategies for finding jobs even when everyone tells you there are none. And if you are a returning vet, there is a new twenty-page appendix this year, specifically addressing your unique needs.  

This 2015 edition includes up-to-date research and tips about writing impressive resumes and cover letters, doing effective networking and confident interviewing, and negotiating the best salary possible. But it goes beyond that, in helping you to better know who you are, with its classic self-inventory—called “The Flower Exercise”—because the best answer to What shall I do? flows from knowing Who you are.

Another great resource for discovering your right livelihood and then getting the job that best fits who you are.....


Dan Miller wrote this step by step job search manual in 2005. The basics of the book - that your work should be defined by who you are and not the other way    around - are still in place. What has changed, however, are networking, fundraising and other online resources that can help job seekers go from dumb job to  dream job in a 48 day time frame. The action steps included are musts. You may, like the many people who belong to one of the 48 Days groups, find your life  changing in many terrific ways.

But I'm scared........ Tools for winning the "inner game" of success


Knowing what to do in any situation is only half the battle. Actually doing it is what makes the difference. How many times have you tried to move forward, only to be held back again and again by what seems to be a repeating pattern of failure and frustration? Psycho-Cybernetics offers practical, actionable information on changing what amounts to old programs and definitions to ones that work for you and not against you. Conquer self-defeating behaviors like procrastination. This book isn't some "New Age" pablum - it was written by a medical doctor and is grounded in science. Achieve remarkable results that feel effortless.  

Boost Your Interview IQ is one of the best books I've come across for interview preparation information. This book does NOT contained "canned" or "rehearsed" answers that all too often sound phony and make you feel icky. Carole Martin's instructions for creating truthful, authentic responses are clear, easy to follow and will apply to any job seeker, whether just entering the job market or aiming for a C-level position. She also provides guidance on how to address sensitive topics such as a job termination, gaps in employment or career change. Reading this book and following Ms. Martin's advice will help build your confidence as you go into and through the interview process.

Personal Finance - your money and your life..........

The author of The Automatic Millionaire Workbook, David Bach, was hired recently by financial planner Ric Edelman. Bach provides common-sense financial planning information that almost anyone can follow easily. His book takes the pain out of budgeting (ugh!) and investing, and eliminate the fear and mystery that too often surround wealth building. He puts the tools for creating a more financially secure future at your fingertips.

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