Before and After examples of rewritten resumes that achieved superior results for clients

"Before" and "After" ResuMAKEOVERS

Every one of our clients already had a resume and was using it during their job search. They chose our services because they realized that what they had wasn't working. They were getting job leads that weren't even close to what they were looking for. They were being ignored for jobs they were qualified for. They rarely were called in for an interview. And they had no idea what to do next.

We took the raw data they provided and highlighted their best work-related assets. We packaged it all in a visually appealing format. We made sure that the first thing any future employer noticed was what that job candidate could do for them, based on the results they achieved for their other employers. We make it hard for a recruiter, human resources staffer or department manager to overlook our clients.

See the difference for yourself:


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